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Tuesday, 23 January, 2018
Home Building your Dream Home Building your Dream Home Step 3
Building Your Dream Home Step 3 - Final Construction "Plan" Drawings

Step 3 - Final Construction "Plan" Drawings

Once all preliminary work is approved, and the final drawings of your "Dream Home" have been created. The Lifestyle Group's involvement during the first phase includes the following:-


A. To Appoint a Geographical Engineer for

    • Soil Testing and
    • Final Soil Testing Certificate
clearing building site clearing building site


B. To Appoint a Quantity Surveyor for

    • Accurate plan costing by Quantity Surveyors of all building construction and material involved

    • Quantities and prices of materials including all labour cost as an estimate will be provided, as a basic budget before you start building

Building your dream houseC. To Appoint a Structural Engineer

    • to verify your "Project" registration with NHBRC (Form EF003)
    • Separate Foundation Drawings (If required after Geographical report)
    • For the design and Inspection before the Civil Construction of a "raft" or standard foundations
    • Engineers Final Foundation Certificate

D. To Appoint a Structural Engineer for

    • First Floor Slab and
    • Separate "Plan Drawings" for steel re-enforcement in an “Insito” Cast concrete slab or if a slab "system" is required
    • Separate plan drawings for all balconies and staircases
    • Engineers Final Concrete Slab, Balcony & Staircase - Certificate

Building your dream house

E. To Appoint a Structural Engineer for

1) Should a concrete roof slab in various levels be required:-

  • Separate structural “Plan Drawings” for the steel re-enforcement required in the concrete slab, balconies or outer concrete ring beams
  • Engineers inspections before the cast of the concrete
  • Engineers final roof concrete slab certificate

2. Should a tiled roof with a wooden structure and trusses be required:-

  • Roof structure plan drawings is normally done by the roof truss Manufacturing Companies
  • Engineers inspection of the roof structure and truss assembly
  • Engineers final roof and installation certificate

F. Letter of Confirmation from The Lifestyle Group to your Bank or Financial Institution

G. Letter from The Lifestyle Group to the NHBRC

  • To enroll the property at   the NHBRC before commencement of building activities (See copy of NHBRC   "Schedule of Enrolment Fees" attached)

Building your dream houseBuilding your dream house

H. Local Council Fees (To be paid by the Home "Owner")

    • Plan scrutiny and final   approval fees
    • Water & Sewerage   connection fees
    • Temporary electrical   connection fees
    • Building inspector   "Inspection" and "Certificate" of appointment   documents
    • Pay deposits and ask them   to connect all available services

I. Insurance

  • Contract   and building - site work Insurance
  • Public liability
  • Sasria

J. Site Infrastructure

    • Erection of builder's   material & tool shed
    • Connection of the site toilet cubicle
    • Water pipes and tap from   Council boundary box to building site

Building your dream houseK. Earthworks

    • Cut and fill excavations
    • To arrange Transport to   dump site of old topsoil / rubble
    • Rock blasting (If required)

L. To Appoint a Land Surveyor for

  • Setting-out of house plan   on the Construction site and verification of boundary pegs
  • Setting-out of foundations   and building "line-up" to Architects specifications on building   plans

Download our New Home Questionnaire - Click Here and select "Save Target As" and save to a folder on your computer.


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